Friday, June 29

Four Weeks....

The final month is here; just over four weeks remain until the big day where I will prove to both myself and my ultrarunning friends that I can actually pound the pavement when I so choose.

Will my stomach rebel? Will my knees feel like they took on a couple of baseball bats? Will my ass look huge in my running shorts?

Only time will tell, and the latter question might be solved by some preemptive purchasing at the expo the day before the race....


Charlotte said...

An ultra! WOW. Just... wow. You'll be great. I've been scanning through your archives and you're definitely prepared for this:)

Thanks for your comment on my overtraining post! I appreciate tales from the trenches. And - yeah, I'm totally interested in more info!! I'm off my 1 week of rest but still having OT symptoms... sigh. Thanks for your help!

carla said...

no no and no!

Im visualizing ---as should you :) ---the answer to those questions being a resounding NO.

Im a big believer in athletic visualization of success (and no pain)